Monday, June 8, 2009


Well, it finally happened. I was getting tired of waiting, so on Thursday, I called Morristown MINI to find out if they had any news. Turns out I got lucky. Dean at Morristown, said he was going to call the very next day to tell me my car would be in the following week.

Luckily, this morning (Monday, June 8th) he called and my car had arrived! I gave him a few hours to prep, but came rushing in around 2:00pm. They weren't quite ready for me, but I waited patiently, and thanks to Magdelena and Dean, drove my car home at around 3:30p.

First impressions... Wow it's quick! But what a surprise when you take your foot of the gas... oh, strike that... accelerator. Takes a few minutes to get used the regenerative braking, and just as described by other drivers, you rarely use the brakes. Also, quite a lot of torque steer, more than expected, maybe a result of the added weight too? Either way, an awesome, fun car to drive, I can't wait to put some real miles on her... if I can get it away from my wife.

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  1. Why are you doing this. I would rather read about the kids.