Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Back Story...

The MINI-E is our 4th MINI! My wife got her first in 2004, it was a regular MINI (Chili Red). We loved it, and got into the whole culture of MINI, tracking the car through the assemble line, and across the Atlantic.

In 2006, to celebrate my wife's new job, I traded in her '04 MINI for an '06 MINI-S Convertible! She really liked that! I won lots of point. One of the few times I was actually able to surprise her.

Shortly thereafter I bought a used 2005 MINI S (electric blue). Another great car, but had some issues with the run-flat tires (sport suspension/"S"/17 rims... almost no rubber).

So, we got rid of the '05 about a year and a half ago and replaced with a Jetta... about a month ago, that went bye bye to make room for the "E".

We also have an '05 Land Rover that is offsetting our MINI-E carbon footprint. Net-net I think we are doing ok.

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  1. So 3 MINIs and a Landy? Wasn't that a movie w/ Tom Selleck and Steve Guttenberg? Sweet.

    My stable is 100% BMW family at this moment: 1993 740i and 2000 Discovery (this was designed during BMW's ownership of Land Rover). Still waiting for my MINI E...