Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Jersey Clean Power Program

I feel better now.... Just sent in my application to choose clean, renewable power to run my house, and charge our car!


It should only cost about $15 to $20 more per month, but will quiet those that will say we are just transferring our fossil fuel burn from our cars to the power plants. Not me!! 50% wind, 50% hydro!!


  1. Sandy,

    Which company did you pick? Doing the NJ Clean Power application is on my list for tomorrow.

    Tim, Maplewood

  2. I went with Green Mountain Energy... a little more pricey, but 100% clean, 50% wind, 50% small hydro.

  3. Sandy,
    For those naysayers that say we are just shuffling the source of emissions, it's much easier to CONTROL the effluents - be it COx, NOx, SOx, whatever - at the smoke stacks than at thousands of tailpipes. And we need more electricity generation plants that utilizes tide, wind, solar and hydro.