Wednesday, July 22, 2009

still sad...

So, now it's been 13 days! And 418 is still in the hospital. I got a false alarm yesterday, Morristown MINI called and said she's ready to go... but about 30 minutes later they called again, and said sorry... They fixed the air conditioning, but had some probs with battery sensors. They thought it was fixed, but when they tried to put on charge, the battery light came on again... so still no word on when it will be ready.

I think I shouldn't have to pay for the weeks I don't have the car... Paying a lot of money each month as it is, to "test drive" the car. No car, no test drive, no lots of money! Right?


  1. Hey Sandy! Mine is in for service also! I drove to work yesterday without problems, but when I went out to the car around noon to run over to Bloomfield ave, the red battery light was on and it wouldn't start. Had to call the 800 number and have it towed to Morristown. I sotpped by there today to check on the status and they told me probably 2-4 days. I saw your car there, it's parked right out in front. I also noticed that there were 4 other E's there for service. We need to all call Mini and tell them that this month's payment should be waved also. I think if enough of us call to complain they will do it. Tom

  2. I assumed they would pro-rate your monthly payment if it was in service due to faulty car issues. I can see how on a regular car you don't get that since they give you a loaner which would be roughly comparable. But what loaner do they possibly have worth the $$$. Did you ask about that?

  3. I agree Tom, a class action request... I'll email Rich Greenberg tomorrow and feel it out.

    As for loaner... hardly a loaner, I got a smoke smelling KIA from Enterprise, graciously paid for by MINI.

  4. Good, make sure you call. There is another Mini e driver that lives in NY, his name is Harri and he's going to call and request another month's payment waived also. I understand we all knew there would be a possibility of problems, but there have been many, many cars in for service after only a few weeks of driving. For $850/month we could lease 3 new mini hardtops (they currently have a 3yr lease for $249/month with only $900 down!)and have gas money left over. I don't mind paying what I agreed to , but I want to have the car for at least 90% of the time and it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Some people in the program have had the car in for service for two weeks already. If we all speak up, Mini will have to agree we have a legitimate complaint.

  5. Seems to be happening a lot but not all the problems are the same. Bad cables, won't start, off and on power while driving? I live in SoCal and I'm hearing similar stories.

    I think some of your money concerns are correct in that you are paying to have a non gas burning vehicle and now having to pay for petrol on top of your expensive leases. Seems MINI should reimburse you for those fuel costs.

    As far as your free rental cars, that's the way it is with all new cars. They [MINI] gave me a crappy Kia also, I drive a 2004 MINI Cooper S. you never get anything near what you drive, unless you drive a Kia... ;-)

  6. same problems here on the west coast
    after 7 days driving / 7 days at the dealer
    no good start